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So at the age of 15, I started working in pounds and rescues where my obsession with dogs began! I was taken under the wing of their resident trainer who I worked with every day learning the intricacies of dealing with difficult behaviours within our canine companions and moved my passion to a profession as I hit my early twenties!

From that point my own training academy J&P grew quickly and my connection with Obsidian came to life!

Studying under Jay has been the next progression of not only my mindset and ability but my goals as a member of this fantastic industry!

From that point, I’ve worked in active behaviour modification over the span of 5 years.. my obsession with learning more about the canine mind only grows and now working with Obsidian and their clientele I not only hope to offer everything I have in the way of time, effort and ability but also remain a student to the game of dog training!