Obsidian K9 Level Up Tour October 2022

So we are heading on the road! A full UK Tour visiting all corners of the country to bring you an awesome workshop that will benefit everyone from the beginner to the expert! In these workshops we are gonna cover the must have level ups of dog training. The stuff that absolutely everybody could do with learning more about and improving!

These tour dates will be half theory and half practical so bring your dog along and we can all train together!

What are we covering?

Canine Body Language – Reading your dogs body language is imperative for understanding what they are thinking. This is the biggest window of communication we have with our dogs.

Advanced Engagement Principles – Most of us understand the basics of engagement, but how do you produce that solid glued attention? When there’s huge distraction and your dog is still obsessed with you, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Utilising Natural Drive – Understanding reward systems is super useful when training your dog and understanding what YOUR dog finds rewarding. We will look at how to figure that out and how to build more drive for the desired outcome.

Building Play Within Training – Many people struggle to get their dog to play, so we will look at how to start shaping this super important behaviour. A dog that plays in training is a dog that finds training fun, meaning more time training and more results!

Advanced Operant and Classical Conditioning – A deep dive into the work of Ivan Pavlov and B.F Skinner. Some of the most fundamental psychological studies of the last hundred years and something that is a MUST to understand.

Proper Lead Handling – The lead is just a piece of fabric that attaches you to your dog, but if used properly it is another paramount avenue to communicate your desires between you and your dog. The more intrinsically you understand the lead, the clearer the conversation gets.

Planning For The Future and Mindset – Where do you go next? There are so many different options for where to go with your training journey so we will discuss the big ones and dive into how to keep a bulletproof mindset for your training moving forwards!

Ask Me Anything – A chance to ask me any question you want and get a super in depth reply! Social media limits how long my answers can be, but sat in a circle together in person means we can chat till the sun goes down!

After this everybody will have chance to train their dogs in person, with me. I will also be doing a demo with my dogs on more advanced sport behaviours that everybody is welcome to watch and ask questions on!

Make sure to bring some food because it’s going to be a long day! I have absolutely nothing else planned on these days so we can train until our hearts are content!

Spaces are the most limited they have ever been for any workshop, and they usually sell out within a day or so, so if you want to get involved, get involved sharpish!

See you all there!

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