Group sessions are hosted by Jack at Obsidians Blackpool facility for 2hrs. These classes are for those who have either come to see either Jay or Jack for a 1-1 already or are active Academy members.

The maximum amount of people to attend 1 class will be 20.

The idea of these sessions is to offer our dogs as much exposure to other dogs, people, a busy (yet controlled) atmosphere with handler engagement being the paramount aim of the 2hrs!

Jack will get around to everyone who needs the help as effectively as possible and guide those who are having difficulties!

Must either be an active Obsidian K9 academy member or have been to see either Jay or Jack for a 1-1 session.

Everyone must bring their own rewards and water for their dog.

They must be able to store dogs in cars when trainers require it.

Must provide either academy username upon arrival or have spoken to the lead trainer directly beforehand to confirm their slot.

Must show up at the allotted start time to be able to participate or let the lead trainer know of late arrival.