Welcome to the latest instalment of our Operation courses… Operation perfect Relationship

This 4 week intensive course will cover the A-Z of increasing your relationship with your dog
ensuring that you can effectively reach any goal you so wish.

The base of any training pyramid is drive and engagement.

The desire for your dog to actively interact with you – No begging, no pleading, no asking… Just a proactive behaviour

ALL of us could do with improving our relationship with our dogs

Just like all of us should be working on any relationship we are involved with.

Prevention will always be more effective than cure and as soon as your dog is ‘on’ the rest of the game becomes a tonne easier.

This is a FOUR week course… Intense… You are going to have to commit to working.

In here, we demand change and improvement so if you can’t be bothered, click off my friend.

There will be an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for all participants to share their journey

Where I will PERSONALLY be helping you over the month to LEVEL UP

Each week we will do a MASTERMIND video where I will go live in the group and discuss our next topic

Each week we will discuss TEN modules of behaviour

Use this hour or two to ASK QUESTIONS – I am here to help you