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Obsidian K9 Academy is a real family, with the majority of our members forming a tribe that bend over backwards to support each other. We’re looking for action takers, not magic wand searchers. Good dog training takes time and ability, not cheap fixes or useless tools.

If you’re ready for some hard truths, and no bulls*!t advice come and join us.

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Who Are We

We founded Obsidian K9 Academy back in 2017 to enable us to support people with their training, regardless of their location. The Academy currently has seen over 4000 happy members in 29 countries all around world. We’re so confident that you’ll love it, as much as we do, that you can sign up today for absolutely FREE.

All members receive their first 7 days on us, and if you like, you’re welcome to cancel on the 6th day. No obligations.

Hear from one of members…

Courtney May

In December of 2020 I got a Pomeranian- he’s now 5kg at most and a big ball of fur but when I got him he was the size of my hand almost but he had HUGE issues !! He was resource guarding everything and anything – he would bite badly – he would wee everywhere and honestly just the cutest to look at but so hard to deal with – I had endless nights crying thinking I was stuck with this agressive dog for the next 5/10+ years that hated me and I was honestly beginning to hate . I was at a complete loss …

I tried to get help over and over but I was told “ ah but he’s to cute to be like that “ “ just tell him no “ “ use a treat “ frankly bullshit advice and I just excepted that as life.

I found jay on TikTok and I remember seeing a video and it was 10 seconds long pretty much saying work on engagement- build a relationship with your dog but I had no idea what that really meant – I joined the academy and began to educate myself on training / how dogs thing – work and I Began work with my Pom ..

It was a LONG journey and we are no where near the end but the same aggressive , reactive dog is now the happiest boy ever ! He loves life and we have the best bond – we train daily and it’s his favourite part of the day !

Hopefully I haven’t rambled to much but the few weeks with him have been amazing and such a joy I never thought it could be but I not only shared this to thank jay but I seen a lot of post recently about people struggling , feeling like there aren’t getting anywhere or things will be like this forever but I promise things can and do get better ..